Here’s what our customers have to say about EquiFresh:


"My Stable feels Lemony fresh"

Miss E., Skill

“Equifresh has transformed mucking out, I thoroughly recommend it,”
Mrs A., Tonbridge

“Having never used this type of  product before, I am more than pleased with it, I will definitely be having some more EquiFresh.” 
Ms H., Warwickshire

“My pony has COPD so I don’t need ammonia making breathing more difficult,”
Miss D., Surrey

“Having used EquiFresh for several months, we now can’t muck out without it. It has made a real improvement for us and our three horses.”   
Family K., North Wiltshire

“I really like the product and am recommending it to others at my yard. Please send me some more.”
Miss K., Southampton

"Since we started using EquiFresh scented, our owners have commented that they enjoy visiting their racehorses even more now they don’t leave smelling of stables!”
Mr L., Oxfordshire

“We’ve used EquiFresh with shavings, straw and now Aquamax bedding and it works brilliantly with all three and a particularly dirty horse – even the rugs smell better.”
Mrs C., Cricklade

“Citronella is my favourite, it’s making my stables so fresh, I’m sure my horse is appreciating the difference because he’s really performing well at the moment.”
Mrs A., Bristol

“My horse is on box rest and the bed was getting really smelly. I have been using EquiFresh for several months now and the environment is so much fresher and healthier for him to stand in."
Mrs R., Lambourn

“As well as in the stables, we put EquiFresh in our lorry before an event and it works wonderfully. Now we can eat our picnic in a sweeter environment and we don’t have to endure a smelly journey home.”
Pony Club Family,  Malmesbury

“EquiFresh does just what it says on the label. If I’m just skipping out , a sprinkle on top of the bed is excellent and the scented product discourages our greedy pony from eating the straw.”

Mr J.,  Banbury​